Social Vulnerability Index (SVI)




Conditions of breadwinners


% Young responsible of household.

% Elderly responsible of household.


% Young women responsible of household.

% Elderly women responsible of household.

3-Educational status

% Literate Responsible.


% Responsible with no monthly income.

Family conditions

1-Family composition

% Households with many residents.

2-Age greater dependence

% People with 0-14 years old.

% People over 64 years old.

3-Educational situation

% Literate people.

Home conditions

1-Occupation situation

% Own homes or in acquisition.

% Rented homes.

% Household like house provided.

2-Home inadequacy

% Improvised household.

% Household without bathroom

Urban infrastructure

1-Basic sanitation

% Households without general network water supply.

% Households with no solid waste collection.

% Households without sewage.

Economic dimension

1-Household income per capita

% Households with no monthly income.

% Households with per capita monthly income of up to 1/4 minimum wage.

% Households with per capita monthly income of 1/4 to 1 minimum wage.

% Households with per capita monthly income of 1 to 3 minimum wages.

% Households with monthly income per capita above 3 minimum wages.


Relationship of negativity

Relationship of positivity