Sexual liberation

S1: The self-judgment of sexual liberation*

S5: The times having sex in last 12 months

(Independent variables)

S2: The self-judgment of extent of sexual needs*

S6: The times having one night stand in last 12months (including the purchase for sex)

S3: The ideal sexual frequency

S7: The number of sexual partners in last 12 months

S4: The frequency of the sexual fantasy

S8: The highest number of the sexual partners at the same time in last 12 mouths

Leisure consumption

C1: The self-judgment of the size of the leisure consumption

C4: The expenses on the outside dinner**

(Dependent variables)

C2: The proportion of the leisure consumption per-month

C5: The expense on the snack per-month

C3: The suitability of the size of the leisure consumption

C6: The expense on the clothing every quarter

C7: The average price of the clothing

C8: Travel times in a year (including excursion and suburban travel)

C9: The average expenses of those journey

C10: The hotel price of independent choice during a business trip or journey

C11: The expense on sports in a year

C12: The average times going to the cinema per-month

C13: The average times going to the nightclub per-month

C14: The average times going to the Café per-month