・ Climate, natural resources and pristine environment

・ Ölüdeniz Lagoon

・ Geographical location

・ Pristine natural areas

・ Sea coasts

・ Offering many activities such as Nature walks, study tours, mountain sports, rafting, photo safaris, bird and butterfly watching, cycling tourism, scuba diving, rowing, sailing

・ Having uniquely beautiful and natural landscapes

・ Its borders being protected by multiple conservation status

・ Protectionist awareness of tourism is not developed well enough

・ Lack of social awareness about protected areas

・ Promotion of Ölüdeniz Lagoon only for touristic purposes

・ Available resources are not adequately assessed

・ Lack of inspection

・ Lack of qualified staff



・ Natural and cultural landscape values being preserved

・ Having a variety to allow different recreational and tourist activities

・ Rich in flora and fauna with its natural structure

・ Unspoilt areas

・ Landscape beauty

・ The existence of coastal areas

・ Different geographical Structures

・ The corruption of natural and cultural texture

・ Marine pollution, destruction of coastal areas

・ Solid waste pollution

・ Exceeding the carrying capacity

・ The crowd particularly at the lagoon during the tourist season and consequently the corruption of natural environment