Threats and Attacks

Affected cloud services



Reply Attack


An attacker can sniff the packet using another device connected to a computer and capture the packets transmitted. Attacker can replay the same packets, or even change the data contained in that packet that may causing an unaccepted behavior in the network.

Algorithm 1

(This algorithm is explained in Chapter seven)

Identity Theft

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Occurs when an attacker pretends to be someone else to get users credentials.

Strong password, authentication and access control mechanisms.

(Unbalanced RSA Algorithm)

Backdoor channel attack


It is a detached attack, which enables programmers to increase remote access to the undermined framework. Utilizing backdoor channels, programmers can have the option to control unfortunate casualty’s assets

Algorithm 2 (This algorithm is explained in Chapter seven)

DOS/DDOS Attacks

Application Level

Attacker tries to make the services unavailable by launching SYN flooding, UDP flooding, and ICMP flooding attacks etc.

Zombie Attacks

Network Level/VM Level

Victim’s Virtual Machines (VMs) is flooded by means of sending requests from other VMs in the network.