Stemming techniques

Table column Based on rules: word variants are transformed into their root based on a predefined rule. The main advantage is an easy use due to specific rules of the language. Once created, they can be used without any additional processing.

Brute force algorithm

A searching table is used to return to the word root.

Affix removal algorithm

Suffix and prefix of a word are focused and eliminated through variant form techniques.

Morphological algorithms

A morphological analysis is applied, that requires complex lexicons to perform the analysis.

Based on a static root: Language derivation rules are learned by training with a supervised or semi-supervised way

Lexicon based on root analysis

A word group is analyzed to be classified graphically by lexical sets.

Root analysis

Morphological groups related by the context.

N-Gram character

Learning based on the derivation through the N-Gram frequency obtained from the words.

Hybrid algorithms: They combine former algorithms to improve the functionality; they are adapted to the used language.