Fundamental Human Right

Relevant Provision


Freedom of Expression

Section 39 CFRN; art 9 ACHPR; art 19 UDHR.

These provisions grant every Nigerian the freedom to receive and express their opinion, ideas and information. It also grants the right to establish and operate any medium used in disseminating information in Nigeria subject to the regulations of wireless broadcast.

Right to Life

Section 33 CFRN; art 4 ACHPR; art 3 UDHR.

Everyone has a right to life and no one must be deprived of his life intentionally. The exceptions to this right are: 1) a valid death sentence by a court of law; 2) where a person dies during the use of reasonable force while engaging in self defense; and 3) where a person dies while effecting lawful arrest or suppressing a riot, mutiny or insurrection provided reasonable force is used.

Freedom of Association

Section 40 CFRN; art 10 and 11 ACHPR; art 17 and 20 UDHR.

Every Nigerian is entitled to form or join any association of people in Nigeria in support of his interest.

Right to Dignity of Life

Section 34 CFRN; art 4 ACHPR; art 1, 4, 5 and 6 UDHR.

Every individual is entitled to dignity and respect. He is entitled to be free from slavery and torture.

Right to Liberty

Section 35 CFRN

Every Nigerian has the right to personal liberty and no person should be deprived of this right except: 1) in execution of a criminal sentence by a court of law; 2) for failure to comply with an order of court; 3) in bringing him before a court; 4) in preventing him from committing an offence; 5) where he is reasonably suspected of committing an offence; and 6) for the purpose of care and treatment for persons with infectious disease, unsound mind or addictions.

Freedom of Movement

Section 41 CFRN; art 12 ACHPR; art 13 UDHR.

Every Nigerian has the right to move anywhere in Nigeria. This right, however, does not apply where a person has been lawfully sentenced to imprisonment or restricted by a court of law.