The National Health Policy of 2003

Stated issues relevant to traditional knowledge, for instance: In Section 4.2 dealing with traditional medicine and alternative healing systems, the policy recognizes that “The role of traditional and alternative health care to Tanzanian people is significant. It is estimated that about 60% of the population use traditional and alternative care system for their day-to-day health care. Traditional and alternative healing services and conventional health services are complementary to each other”. Policy objective 2.4.9 “Promote traditional medicine and alternative healing system and regulate the practice”). On research, Section 3.9.3 states: “Research in traditional medicines will focus on the identification of traditional remedies, screening of traditional herbal and medicinal materials and assessing the efficacy and safety of the products”. Although the policy does not specifically mention traditional/indigenous knowledge, it states issues relevant to it, for instance by having statement supporting working together with the traditional healers, traditional nurses and recognising the importance of both traditional and alternative medicines