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1 = Strongly disagree. 2 = Disagree. 3 = Neutral. 4 = Agree. 5 = Strongly agree.

Comparing myself to how I was before my classroom teacher began using the yoga tools in the classroom,

1. I have become more relaxed in daily living.

2. I have had fewer or no behavioral problems at school.

3. I have become more responsible in managing my daily tasks.

4. I am more focused on school work

5. I can sleep better.

6. I am more energetic.

7. I am more aware of what I eat.

8. I have gained more knowledge about nutrition.

9. I start to eat more healthy foods.

10. I am getting along better with my family and friends.

11. I am a better listener today.

12. I can calm down more quickly once I feel upset.

13. I know more about my body.

14. I have better body postures.

15. I feel more confident in myself.

16. I am happier and laugh more often.

17. I enjoy school work and sports more than before.

18. I like myself more.