Scored on a scale of 0, 1, 2, or 3 (except Q.29, 30 and 31 scored from 0 to 2) plus potential for bonus points (See Appendix 1 for scoring criteria).

TCMP score 2007

TCMP score 2016


Q25. Monitoring and evaluation: Are governance indicators monitored and evaluated?


Q25. There seems to be limited information of governance indicators.

Q26. Governance Parameters: 2 Bonus Points each

Q26. Information regarding stakeholders’ recommendations and stakeholders’ concerns was gathered in a previous research undertaken in 2007 when the management plan was developed and adopted. However, current information on these indicators is not available.

Level of resource conflict

Existence of a decision-making and management body


Existence and adoption of a management plan


Local understanding of MPA and rules and regulations

Existence and adequacy of enabling legislation

Availability and allocation of MPA administrative resources

Existence and application of scientific research and input

Existence and activity level of community organization(s)

Degree of interaction between managers and stakeholders

Proportion of stakeholders trained in sustainable use

Level of training provided to stakeholders in participation

Level of stakeholders participation and satisfaction in management process and activities

Level of stakeholder involvement in surveillance, monitoring, and enforcement

Clearly defined enforcement procedures

Enforcement coverage

Degree of information dissemination to encourage stakeholder compliance

Supplemented questions in adapted scorecard for 2016 (Q20 - 26): Total score obtained out of a possible maximum of 98



Adapted scorecard for 2016: Total score obtained out of a possible maximum of 123 (original (25) + supplemental (98))