Scored on a scale of 0, 1, 2, or 3 (except Q.29, 30 and 31 scored from 0 to 2) plus potential for bonus points (See Appendix 1 for scoring criteria).

TCMP score 2007

TCMP score 2016


Outcomes: Assessing changes in environmental status and behavior as a result of management programs and actions

Q35. Objectives: Have MPA objectives been addressed?


Q35. Currently, only Goal 2 focusing on economic benefits has been addressed by using the fee system for visitors of the Park.

Q36. Threats: Have threats been reduced?


Q36. Illegal fishing has been reduced as well as anchoring damage.

Q37. Resource conditions: Have resource conditions improved?


Q37. Abundance of herbivorous and commercial fish has increased but coral cover has decreased as well as the size of commercial fish.

Q38. Community welfare: Has community welfare improved?

Q38. Tourism has positively impacted the local community economically but there is no data to track if community welfare has improved as a result. Conflicts arising from the introduction of the Park boundaries initially decreased in 2007 with no subsequent change in 2016.

Bonus point: MPA management is compatible with the local culture, including traditional practices, relationships, social systems, cultural features, historic sites, and monuments linked to marine resources and uses.

Bonus point: Resource use conflicts have been reduced.


Bonus point: Benefits from the MPA are equitably distributed.

Bonus point: The nonmonetary benefits of the marine resources to society have been maintained or enhanced.

Q39. Environmental awareness: Has community environmental awareness improved?

Q39. While it would appear the environmental awareness has increased over time, there is no information available to attribute this to the TCMP, especially since education and awareness arising efforts by the Park have decreased over time.

Q40. Compliance: Are users complying with MPA regulations?

Q40. Regarding compliance improvement, no information is currently available although this could be tracked using number of infractions cited. However, most effort on compliance is dedicated to touristic usage of moorings and user fees.

Q41. Stakeholder satisfaction: Are the stakeholders satisfied with the process and outputs of the MPA?

Q41. Stakeholders in the community shared their dissatisfaction with the MPA and its regulations anecdotally but a specific assessment in terms of percentage has not been undertaken.

Bonus point: Stakeholders feel that they are able to effectively participate in management decisions.

Bonus point: Stakeholders feel that they are adequately represented in the MPA decision-making processes.

Total score obtained out of a possible maximum of 27