Article on the ethical values and obligations that nurses should protect while providing nursing care

1) Nurses shall respect all human lives and the dignity and rights of all human beings.

2) Regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, social status, economic status, lifestyle, and the nature of their health problems, nurses shall equally provide nursing care to their patients.

3) Nurses should do their best to establish a trustworthy relationship with their patients and to provide nursing based on that relationship.

4) Nurses must respect the patient’s right to know, and to make self-determinations and defend those rights.

5) Nurses must strictly adhere to their obligations regarding confidentiality and the protection of personal information, and if they share such information with others, it must be after making the proper judgment to do so.

6) Nurses need to protect their patients and secure their safety, including when caring for these people is being hindered or they are in dangerous situations.

Article on the efforts of nursing staff important for practice

7) Nurses should be well aware of their responsibilities and abilities as they provide care as individuals.

8) It is a nurse’s responsibility to always try to maintain and develop his/her abilities through continual learning.

9) Nurses should cooperate with other nurses and other health and medical welfare workers to provide nursing care.

10) To perform the highest quality nursing care, nurses should set and implement helpful criteria for nursing practice, nursing management, nursing education, and nursing research.

11) Through research and practice, nurses always strive to create and develop specialized knowledge and techniques and contribute to the development of nursing science.

Article on basic personal virtues and organizational effort

12) Nurses must try to maintain and improve their own physical and mental health to perform the highest quality nursing care.

13) Nurses must always conduct themselves as individuals worthy of the trust of society.

14) Nurses share responsibility with society regarding environmental issues to promote overall better health.

15) Through professional organizations, nurses should be involved in the establishment of institutions to enhance the quality of nursing care and contribute to the creation of a better society.