I think that death is released from pain in this world

I regard death as the relief from the pressure of this life

Death is in pain with a pain and is a relief of a valve

Death brings about a spiritual relief

[4. Death avoidance]

I avoid considering death

No matter what it may carry out, I would like to avoid considering death

I am going to eliminate it, whenever the view about death occurs

I am trying to seldom consider death by that of a terrifying

[5. Life purpose]

I have found out the mission and the purpose which were clearly made into life

For me, the power to find out the significance of life, the purpose, and a mission is an exist to a sufficiently

The reason for an alive has clarified in this way now with the consider about my life here

The future is bright

[6. Death concern]

I think well what am I with death?

I think about my death well

I think about a familiar person’s death well

I often talk about a household, a friend, and death

[7. Supernatural belief]

People’s span of life considers beforehand “I am decided by it”

A span of life is a suppose as having been decided from the original

People’s life and death are decided by the power (a fate, God, etc.) which is not a foregone conclusion