Sarrechia et al. 2012



Coordination of care

Multidisciplinary teams

17 care pathway for normal delivery

All organization that submitted pathway documents consented to inclusion in the study. One member of the research team rendered the pathway documents anonymous

Donabedian’s paradigm, i.e., the relationship between the structure, process and outcome of care

Knowledge-sharing networks

The pathway documents should be more standardized, reviewed by peers and checked for the inclusion of all interventions before used in daily practice


Hamman et al. 2009


Risks and failures in the healthcare organization

Safety culture

Four in situ simulations were conducted in a community hospital, obstetric ward

Team training

Results from clinical simulations in an operational healthcare setting can help identify and resolve threats to patient safety


White et al. 2005 [44]

Risk management



Respectful approach, good communication, safe boundaries and careful communication

Analysis of claims files may help identify opportunities for improvement. Computerized physicians order entry and teamwork tools may improve information flow and help prevent miscommunication