I will continue with exercise training not only during the rehabilitation programme but also when I come home, and thereby attempt to delay another MI.

Motivated to change

Individualized adjustment

LCP plan as quality assurance for treatment and care for patients with heart failure in the last hours and days of life.

I have decided that this will be a new life. Friends and colleagues will be there for me if I need them.

Having a new life

You need an inner strength to achieve goals. Many people give up, but you can do one thing at the time. You don’t have to do it all at the same time.

Learning a lesson

I tell my husband that we shall do what we want to do. The day will appear soon enough when it’s too late.

Seeing the bright side of life



The positive effect of this acute heart attack is that you get a kick in your ass. If I just keep on going, I’m sure I will end up here at the hospital again.

Changing attitude towards life

I have a country house, where I spend the whole summer season. I always long to travel up there and I look very much forward to go there again, if I still keep healthy.

Having future plans

Holistic approach

I work too much. I don’t know if it matters, but I had a particularly stressful day when I was diagnosed with my MI.

Searching for precipitating causes

Sometimes I feel discouraged. But I have a wife, children, and grandchildren…and I want to be there for them, just not sit in a chair for the rest of my life.

Feeling discouraged

If I have to leave hospital in my present condition, both my relatives and I will be seriously anxious. Both my angina and my breathing problems concern me a lot.

Feeling ill and anxious