Meaning units

Condensed meaning units



“Great variation in the need of information both for patients and relatives…some are very well prepared”

Great variation in need of information

Adapted information

Adapted individually

“Inform about priest available―do not need to be a Christian to have a meeting with the priest”

Offer a meeting with the priest

Take care of spiritual and existential needs

Adapted individually

“LCP ensures that the evaluation of deactivation of CRT-D is done”

Deactivation of CRT-D

Avoid electro shock

Symptom relief

“Give furosemide through the last few days to avoid dyspnea to dying patients with heart failure”

Furosemide important medication

Adapted symptom relief

Symptom relief

“LCP contributes to a new focus for everyone involved…more calmness”

Changes focus from curation to palliation

Acceptance of the last stage

Holistic approach

“Primary nursing is the better?to get to know each other”

Make continuation

Security and stability

Holistic approach