Short on time

Short on staff

Training and ingenuity take time; not able to spend time on this every day.

I cannot make a doll to aid the explanation because I am too busy.

Hospitalization is short. I am pressed by other duties.

I do not have sufficient time while working in a mixed ward, and neither do a lot of urgent cases.

Time, tools, and a proper environment are necessary.

Properly trained staff are necessary.

There is no time to spare; the department is understaffed.

Burden depends on increases and decreases in the number of available staff.

It is insufficient that preparation is only conducted by nurses.

Short on knowledge

Necessity of preparation for children

There is a lack of learning and experience among the staff. I am lacking in training.

I did not learn how to provide preparation during basic nursing education.

Situation- and age-based explanations are necessary. Explanations are necessary for every child. Preparation is very important. A website with information for preparations should be established.

Efficacy of preparation

Preparation in the current state

I am surprised at the potential of infants to understand. I realize the effectiveness of preparation.

I think that children understand what I am telling them. Parents are a little anxious. It has a good effect on the staff.

We presently conduct preparation because it is a necessary aspect of care.

I provide preparation in a conversational manner. I understand preparation and carry it out.

Preparation through play

Preparation at the pace of the medical staff

I introduce play and carry it out, but I need additional support.

I provide preparation using handicrafts. I make them based on the favorite character of the child.

I may carry it out without confirming the feelings of the child or parents due to the selfishness of the medical staff.

Demand for the increased application of preparation

Ambiguity regarding the meaning of preparation

I hope that its application spreads.

It is already nationwide, and a proper method should promote its further application.

All medical professionals should learn how to provide it.

Knowledge of preparation needs to be disseminated among the entire staff.

Because I am short on time, I only provide verbal explanations.

Some people think that using a tool is sufficient preparation.

I provided an explanation, but I do not consider it to be psychological preparation.

Will the explanation to the family be different from psychological preparations?

Research on preparation

Necessity of preparation seminars

Anxiety is reduced if the family attends. A group explanation is more effective.

Preparation tools need to be studied and improved.

Training is needed, and personnel should be assigned to such a position.

I want to learn about preparation so that children are not psychologically damaged.

Necessity of good preparation methods

Necessity of cooperation with coworkers

I want to learn good methods for both practice and provision.

I want to know how to do it because I do not have the cooperation of a doctor.

I think that a good method is needed to prevent children from experiencing trauma.

I want to learn a joint method that all staff can use.

I want to learn a good method for providing preparation to children with intellectual disabilities.

I want to find a durable, low-cost tool.

It is necessary to cooperate with a child care/play specialist.

There is a lack of child care/child life specialists.

Child psychiatrists are needed.

The cooperation of medical teams is necessary.

I am interested in cooperating with a play specialist.

Lack of comprehension among parents regarding information provision to their children

Parental cooperation

A parent said, “Please do not say that to my child”.

Not all parents understand.

The parent does not explain anything to their child.

Some parents tell their children that we will not do anything to them.

I carry it out with the cooperation of the guardian.

I choose a method with the cooperation of the parent.

Necessity of education for parents

Education that includes the guardian is necessary.