Difficulties in providing psychological preparation to children

Problems associated with providing psychological preparation

There are difficulties regarding age and individual differences.

It is difficult to provide preparation to children with disabilities.

It is difficult to employ specialists for financial reasons.

It is difficult to explain slowly for children.

It is impossible to provide preparation every time.

It is difficult to involve every child.

It is difficult to find a good opportunity.

It is difficult for emergency cases.

It is difficult for briefly admitted cases.

It is difficult for children to understand without experience or visual media.

Children become anxious without giving any particular information.

I feel sad when the child does not assent to undergo a procedure when I conduct preparation.

It is unclear whether a child consents.

It depends on the nurse.

It is difficult to educate nurses.

The staff believe that preparation is difficult.

It is difficult to conduct by verbal explanation only.

It is difficult to explain to parents.

It cannot be conducted alone.

It is difficult to reach consensus among the staff.

I do not understand the necessity.

Few nurses recognize the importance.

It is difficult to appreciate.

A good tool is expensive and hard to obtain.

I am not good at drawing,

I have no time for making a good tool.

It is better for parents than for children.

Doctors have no interest.

We do not have the cooperation of a doctor.

I do not know how to do it.

We have no time to wait after providing an explanation to children.

I have no chance to follow-up after the explanation for children; this is a problem.

I feel irritated that all staff cannot do it.

I am pressed by other duties and feel impatient.

I cannot make progress while I am providing preparation.

I suffer in my daily life from not knowing the best way or in whom to conduct preparation.

I conduct preparation but worry about arousing fear.

In spite of getting in trouble every day, I have no time to spare.

I understand the need, but I am irritated because I still cannot do it.

Concerns about providing psychological preparation

On the contrary, it may frighten children.

I am worried that children may become anxious.

Because I sit astride children to restrain them while performing a medical procedure, the children have a sense of fear.

The explanation for children arouses their anxiety and is nonsense.

I have to confirm with the parent beforehand that the explanation will not arouse anxiety.

If a family member does not attend, the nurse will be more comfortable, but the child may become uneasy.