Placement of color bins

Appropriate container should be placed at all important location where particular wastes are generated. Instruction on waste identification should be pasted over the containers.

Waste collection

Content of the container should not exceed three-quarters of its capacity. Collection of waste in colored bag or colored covered bins with tie the neck tightly. During collection, containers should be replaced with a new one.

In-hospital transportation of waste

Removal of waste must be executed within 24 hours. Waste should be transported by designated trolley through the designated route.

Disposal of contaminated waste procedure

Specimens from patients with high-risk infections (such as hepatitis viruses or HIV) should be conspicuously labeled with risk stickers. Specimens should be transported in approved containers.

Personal hygiene

At the end of official hours, health care workers and waste handlers should ensure about the cleanliness of working place. They should wash hands and change the working dress before leaving for home.

Roles and responsibilities of personnel

Institutional head should develop a waste management committee and all the doctors should take part in proper implementation of activities. Nurses should identify and segregate the waste according to classification at the point of generation and also they should conduct health education session for the patient and attendant on medical waste management. All the senior staff should be careful about supervision and monitoring of the subordinate staff activities.