Risk assessment

Hospital management policies

Unnecessary laboratory requests

Routine episiotomy

Haste in placental extraction, neglects in controlling uterine contractions

Routine induction/Augmentation

Delayed or poor monitoring of post partum haemorrhage

Use of expensive diagnostic tests first place

Absent or delayed screening of high risk pregnancies

Latent phase admission and mismanagement of these patients

Neglected lacerations (grade 3, 4)

Accidents in neonatal transfer including dropping down of the Neonates

Neonatal hypothermia

failed documentation of neonatal sex

Delayed diagnosis of vaginal hematomas

Patient identification by Bed Number

Neglects or errors in fetal heart monitoring

Lack of uniform protocols in obstetrics management

Indecisiveness or delayed decision making in management

Post partum mismanagement/PPH

Poor follow up of laboratory test results

Erroneous drug or blood products prescription to patients

Retained vaginal Tampon

Problems in neonatal resuscitation

Errors in drug dose estimation (e.g. Magnesium Sulphate)

Poor attention to parturient nutrition