5 VDC, 70 mA


90 × 50 × 17 mm


60 grams

Vibration sensing

High-performance and low noise tri-axial MEMS accelerometer

Maximum acceleration sensing range

±2 g

Lowest frequency sensitivity

0.001 Hz

Signal non-linearity

below 0.1%

Signal noise density

45 µg/Hz1/2

Signal conversion

32 bits precision (1 bit represents 0.19 µg) with > 20 noise free bits at 1000 sps

Sampling rate

Programmable, 1000 sps as default

Signal conversion integral nonlinearity (INL)

±2.5 ppm of full scale range (FSR)

Low drift internal signal reference

2 ppm/˚C

Inter-axis interference (crosstalk)

−120 dB at 1 kHz

Ultra-low signal distortion


Micro Controller Unit (MCU)

Embedded; for local data processing

Wireless data communication

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with maximum transmission power of +18 dBm


Embedded; 2.4 GHz

GPS receiver

Embedded; 48 channels, signal sensitivity of −163 dB・m, Accuracy lower than 2 meters for best scenario and time sync with an accuracy of 33 ns (good conditions)

IP communications

With a data stream rate of 256 ksps for 1000 sps signal sampling rate