Evaluation criteria

Ecological value

1. Ecological impacts: specific ecosystem in the region or plant and animal species specific to the region.

2. Protected area: significantly important due to sensitivity.

Aesthetic value

1. Personal viewpoint: viewer’s perception based on his observation of the location.

2. Location structure and properties: contradictions in natural landscapes of the area (such as color contradictions in landscapes and contradictions between rocks).

Cultural value

1. Religious indices: Mystical and mythical values of the research location.

2. Historical indices: including the ancient history, prehistoric and temporary periods which can attract tourists. Moreover, this criterion is not only responsible to record subjects related to political history, but it is also important in tourism.

3. Literary and artistic indices: presence of the research location in artistic perceptions such as paintings, lithographs, books and poems.

4. Geological history: presence of phenomena in the research location which are geologically important and discuss the history of transformations and evolution of the earth from the beginning until today.

Economic value

The economic value of the research location can be determined and estimated qualitatively and quantitatively through products available in a geosite.