inclusion criteria

≥20 follicles in both ovaries, most of follicles were >15 mm and at least 3 follicles> 18 mm.

≥20 follicles in both ovaries, the majority being ≥14 mm in diameter, and E2 > 3000 pg/mL.

≥20 follicles in both ovaries, or most of follicles were >15 mm, ≤35 years old, PCOS Patients.

E2 ≥ 3500 pg/mL; used cabergoline or coasting for OHSS prevention.

≥15 oocytes collected on ovum pickup day, 20 - 35 years, BMI is up to 30, E2 ≥ 3500 pg/mL on the day of hCG administration.

Exclusion criteria

who did have a tendency to cancel their cycle

Participants in whom the use of dopamine agonists were contraindicated

No stated

No stated

Infertility that was due to male and uterine factors.