Knowledge Factor


Evaluation of the client

Knowing very well client preferences

Knowledge of the complexity of the design

The architectural design for a building has very complicated curves

Knowledge of the competitors

Knowledge about the financial situation of a competitor could assist an expert to estimate the tender price provided by a competitor

Knowledge of the consultant

Knowing that this consultant prefer and trust only local materials and equipment

Appropriate knowledge of the laws and regulations of the contractual process

Can the construction work continue 24 hours even with different working shifts? Is there any advance payment

Complete knowledge about the project location

The estimator knows that his project will be held in the high mountains where there are no transportation routes. You must use air transport to deliver the required equipment to the project site

Knowledge of a contractor’s financial situation

The estimator knows that the contractor has finical problem and the contactor needs very badly this project so he will minimize the profit as much as he can

Knowledge of the relationship between the contractor and subcontractor

The estimator knows the degree of relationship between contractor and subcontractor. For instance, is the contractor could assign work to subcontractor without initial payment? Or is the contractor could determine the net profit to the subcontractor?

Knowledge of the current construction project’s market situation

For example, are there expectations of an increase in prices of construction materials?

Knowing how to find the skilled employees and technicians who are needed to make the construction project a success

The estimator knows that the local employees and technician do not have previous experiences in this type of project. Also, he knows that Indian employments companies could provide him with the required employees and technician

Knowledge of contractor’s experience The estimator should have knowledge of client experiences

The estimator knows if the contactor has previous experience of the same type of construction project or no