Success requirements’ characteristics

Comparative aspects

Adaptive method

Other assessment methods

Success requirements

Mandatory items that defer according to different variables affecting every version.

Minimum total score (uniform in all versions).

Minimum limit for all environmental functions.

Minimum limit for the two bases of the Building Environmental Efficiency (BEE) indicator.

Minimum total score (varies between different methods and for the same method over time) beside another non-uniform set of requirements between methods, such as:

Mandatory requirements should be passed.

Minimum number of mandatory items to be achieved.

Minimum score to be passed for every assessing field.

Relationship between success requirements and Green Architecture principles

Includes a minimum score for all environmental functions which are covering all Green Architecture principles, so when assessing the building or modifying the estimation weights of the items to reflect the different variables effect, these functions remain within an accepted limit of achievement.

Usually the same items that are previously got high estimated weights due to their importance versus other items are the ones controlling the success of buildings, thus a building can succeed without achieving one of the Green Architecture principles which may be included in the assessment through unimportant items with a low estimation weights.

Usage of the Building Environmental Efficiency (BEE)

Uses a minimum limit degree of achieving the two bases of BEE to allow the building success, BEE indicator can also be used to express the building final score and classification when needed.

CASBEE uses BEE to express the buildings’ final score and classification.

Possibility of determining BEE at the detailed levels of assessment

Every detailed item is expressed according to one of the BEE sides, they are either helping to achieve quality (Q), reducing the environmental load (RL), or both with a certain percentage. So, for every item or field in the adaptive method a BEE indicator can be calculated showing its efficiency.

In CASBEE, each of the main six fields included in the method are related to one of the BEE sides, They are either expressing the achievement of quality or the reduction of environmental load. So, the BEE indicator can only rise at the end of the assessment.