Adaptive method

Other assessment methods

Portability of having different spatial levels of assessment

The method versions are designed to be gradient for each country from a level used to assess the country as a whole to a level that can assess a certain project, passing through several levels in between (climatic zone, city or village, region, project).

Different methods are designed to assess any building in their produced countries as a whole, regardless of the differences between regions characteristics except in some calculations related to energy consumption and thermal comfort and other limited calculations.

Flexibility of expressing the final assessing scores of buildings

The main way of showing the building final score is by gathering items scores and taking into consider a success limit of a minimum BEE indicator achievement. There are also other ways of showing the final score such as the BEE indicator itself beside a minimum limit of passing the gathered items scores, or according to a mathematical equation of both the BEE indicator and the gathered items score. So it is possible to compare any building that uses any other assessment method with those uses the adaptive method.

Most methods show their final building score by gathering items scores, while CASBEE method depends on the (BEE) indicator. Therefore, it is impossible to compare results of some methods with others.