Comparative aspects

Adaptive method

Other assessment methods

Items estimation weights’ value


The estimation weights of the assessment fields and items are permanently converted into percentages to unify the final building score to be 100% for all method’s versions.

Some methods such as LEED use numbers to express the estimation weighs of fields and items, which leads to different final assessment scores of buildings depending on the collected numbers which differ according to time, place and different building characteristics.

Items estimation weights’ flexibility

Linking items’ relative importance to variables effect

Certain operations were set to include variables effect on the relative importance of the assessment fields and items, these operations include each variable’s “effect degree” with its “effect sign” and the variables’ “significance value” to each other when there is more than one variable affecting the same item.

No specific mathematical operations to include variables effect on items estimation weights. In GBC method there is an emendation operation that depends on four characteristics to determine the items’ estimation weights, but these characteristics are similar for all items and don’t cover all possible effects.

Possibility of emendation

Can be modified for each version for use or trail.

Cannot be modified for each version with the exception of the GBC method by using its SBTool.