Potential Benefits

Improve user comfort, access improvements especially for pedestrian, up grading the walking, increase local property values, reduce traffic congestion, [6] , high level of the sense of neighborhood and increase the sense of belonging, enhance readability location, high level of awareness, increase environmental safety and security, reduce crime and violence, taking into account the needs of persons with disabilities [33] , enhance environmental quality and reduced forms of pollution, energy conservation, increase biodiversity, conservation, encouraging mixed land uses, health promotion and public health [34] , reduction in sudden death, reduce obesity and overweight [35] , Increase access to public transport, equal access to goods , services and facilities, reduce energy consumption, strengthen environmental education and cultural traditions, preserve the old and historic textures, improve leisure, shaping the structure of settlements, save money roads and parking facilities, saving transport costs [3] .

Potential defects

Increasing accident risk, increasing travel time, increasing of development costs [6] , Speed limits, restrictions on movement distance, and limitations in mobility for people with disabilities [3] .