Khanazeem saraikistani

Pakisaurus balochistani

Sulaimanisaurus gingerichi

Khetranisaurus barkhani

Imrankhanhero zilefatmi

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Dentary ramus and teeth GSP/MSM-143-2; caudal vertebrae GSP/MSM-16-2, GSP/MSM-793-2; left proximal and mid femur GSP/MSM-69-2;right femur including proximal GSP/MSM-294-2,mid-GSP/MSM-293-2, and distal sections GSP/MSM-266-2;partial humerus GSP/MSM-289-2; distal humerus GSP/MSM-180-2; proximal humerus GSP/MSM-288-2, mid humerus GSP/MSM-290-2; partial right tibia GSP/MSM-72-2; distal tibia GSP/MSM-186-2; proximal and mid left tibia GSP/GSP/MSM-286-2

Presacral vertebrae GSP/MSM-340-4, GSP/MSM-341-4, GSP/MSM-342-4, GSP/MSM-376-4, GSP/MSM-517-4, GSP/MSM-800-4, GSP/MSM-809-4,GSP/MSM-810-4 and GSP/MSM-1011-4; cervicodorsal vertebra GSP/MSM-133-4;partial sacrumGSPMSM-136-4; GSP/MSM-1008-4; caudal vertebrae GSP/MSM-11-4, GSP/MSM-12-4,GSP/MSM-13-4, GSP/MSM-14-4, GSP/MSM-207-4, GSP/MSM-763-4, GSP/MSM-1010-4; neural spine GSP/MSM-601-4; partial neural arches GSP/MSM-878-4, GSP/MSM-804-4, GSP/MSM-805-4,fragments pertaining to right and left scapulae (GSP/MSM-878a-4; GSP/MSM-318-4 and GSP/MSM-319-4; GSP/MSM-201-4; GSP/MSM-590-4; GSP/MSM-593-4; GSP/MSM-203-4; GSP/MSM-205-4; GSP/MSM-162-4); partial sternal plates GSP/MSM-355-4, GSP/MSM-598-4; proximal right

Caudal vertebrae GSP/MSM-17(a)-4, GSP/MSM-18-4, GSP/MSM-19-4, GSP/MSM-20-4, GSP/MSM-21-4, GSP/MSM-21(a)-4, GSP/MSM-22-4

Caudal vertebrae GSP/MSM-27-4, GSP/MSM-28-4

A partial right proximal and mid humerus GSP-UM/Sangiali-1124, distal humerus GSP/MSM-262-1, distal right femur GSP/MSM-232-1 and proximal right fibula GSP-UM/Sangiali-1117.

humerus GSP/MSM-202-4; humerus parts GSP/MSM-268-4, GSP/MSM-210-4 and GSP/MSM-210a-4; distal humerus GSP/MSM-193-4; distal radius GSP/MSM-159-4; a pair of proximal ulnae-left and right proximal ulnae GSP/MSM-603-4,GSP/MSM-600-4;shaft of proximal ulna GSP/MSM-211-4, GSP/MSM-678-4; partial metacarpals GSP/MSM-280-4, GSP/MSM-970-4; partial ilium GSP/MSM-971-4, GSP/MSM-972-4, GSP/MSM-594-4, GSP/MSM-806-4;right proximal femur GSP/MSM-595-4 and distal right femur GSP/MSM-200-4;proximal right fibula GSP/MSM-349-4; distal fibula GSP/MSM-580-4; proximal left fibula GSP/MSM-384-4; and partial metatarsal GSP/MSM-350-4

Holotypic elements






Type locality

Lower Bor Latitude 29.68700 and Longitude

69.3771 (N 29˚41'12" and E 69˚22'37") (Figure 4 of [51] )

South Kinwa (Southwestern Kinwa) 29˚41'05"N and 69˚23'05"E (south of foot track) including vertebrae and other bones), and at 29˚41'06"N and 69˚23'05"E (north of foot track) including complete diagnostic humerus and other bones) (Figure 4 of [51] )

South Kinwa (Southernmost Kinwa) (latitude 29˚40'54"N; longitude 69˚23'04"E) (Figure 4 of [51] )

Mid Kinwa (latitude 29˚41'04"N; longitude 69˚23'17"E) (Figure 4 of [51] )

Lower Sangiali or north Sangiali (Figure 4 of [51] ) latitude 29.69812N and longitude 69.39860E.

Referred specimens

Caudal vertebrae GSP/

MSM-17-16, GSP/MSM-510-16 and GSP/MSM-154-16; prezygapophyses GSP/MSM-327-16; caudal chevron GSP/MSM-330-16 in

2, proximal ulna GSP/MSM-1032-16 from Pakistan. A femur from Rahioli, western India (ISI 622-623-624; Bandyopadhyay, pers. communication with Jeffrey A. Wilson; [65] )

Proximal pubis GSP/MSM-403-19n, proximal radius GSP/MSM-756-19n; distal ulna GSP/MSM-

628-19n and caudal vertebra GSP/MSM-758-19n; fractured

distal caudal vertebra GSP/MSM-523-3, distal caudal vertebra with horizontal groove on posterior cone GSP/MSM-151-3, Coracoid GSP/MSM-366-3, ulna GSP/MSM-748-3, ungula GSP/MSM-152-3, and spongy thick armour spine GSP/MSM-150-3: proximal rib GSP/MSM-321-13; proximal right humerus GSP/MSM-195-4; caudal vertebra

Caudal vertebrae GSP/MSM-24-15, GSP/MSM-25-

15 and GSP/MSM-26-15; caudal vertebra GSP/MSM-23-3 from Pakistan.

One vertebra like holotype was found on mid Kinwa (just west of foot track) and other bones (mostly caudal vertebrae and limb bones).

Flattened tibia GSP/MSM-235-7, fibula GSP/MSM-253-7 and metatarsal GSP/MSM-296-7 from Zubra peak, Pakistan.

Further referred tibia K 20/321 (Figures 4a, b, of Plate 1 of [77] ) and right fibula K 27/489 (Figures 5a, b, of Plate 1 of [77] ) from

also possesses the slender proportions, proximolateral profile and inflected head present in lower Bor left and right femora [52] .

GSP/MSM-15-15 from Pakistan. Right and left humeri of 70cm length from Rahioli Gujarat India area (GSI type no 20008, Plate 1, Figure 3 of [78] ; GSI 20009; Plate 1, Figure 2 of [78] ) were referred from India due to shape with features resembling [52] .

Bara Simla, India [77] are being referred to Imrankhanhero zilefatmi due to shape resembling with its South Zubra exemplar’s tibia and fibula (see detail in text).

Referred Elements






Referred localities

Top Kinwa 16 (Figure 4 of [51] ) from Pakistan [52] , and Rahioli, Gujarat, western India [52] .

North Alam 19, Shalghara 3, South Kinwa 4s, East Dolwahi 13, Mari Bohri 15 (Figure 4 of [51] ;Figure 1 of [64] ) from Pakistan, and Rahioli Gujarat, western India [52] .

Mari Bohri 15 and Shalghara 3 (Figure 4 of [51] ; Figure 1 of [64] ) from Pakistan.

Mid Kinwa 4 or 4m (Figure 4 of [51] )

Zubra peak 7 (Figure 1 of [64] ) (latitude 29˚43'12"N; longitude 69˚30'16"E) from Pakistan. Bara Simla from India.

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Vitakri Formation; Lameta Formation

Vitakri Formation; Lameta Formation

Vitakri Formation

Vitakri Formation

Vitakri Formation

Lameta Formation


Latest Maastrichtian

Latest Maastrichtian

Latest Maastrichtian

Latest Maastrichtian

Latest Maastrichtian

Distribution Territory; (Basin) wise

Barkhan District, Balochistan Province; (Sulaiman Range; Sulaiman Basin). Rahioli, western India

Barkhan District, Balochistan Province; (Sulaiman Range; Sulaiman Basin). Rahioli western India

Barkhan District, Balochistan Province; (Sulaiman Range; Sulaiman Basin).

Barkhan District, Balochistan Province; (Sulaiman Range; Sulaiman Basin)

Barkhan District, Balochistan Province; (Sulaiman Range; Sulaiman Basin). Bara Simla, central India.