Morphometric parameters



Linear aspects

number of Stream (Nu)

Hierarchical ordering


Stream order (u)

Hierarchical Rank


Stream length (Lu)

Length of the stream


Mean stream length (Lm)

Lm = Lu/Nu


Stream length ratio (Rl)

Rl = Lu/L(u-1), where Lu is stream length order u and L(u_1) is stream segment length of the next lower order


Bifurcation ratio (Rb)

Rb = Nu/N(u-1), where Nu is number of streams of any given order and N(u-1) is number in the next higher order


perimeter (P)

Perimeter of the watershed in (km) measured by GIS


Basin length (lb)

Length of watershed (Km) measured by GIS


Areal aspects

Drainage density (Dd)

Dd = L/A, where L is total stream length, A is area of the watershed


Stream frequency (Fs)

Fs = N/A, where N is the total number of streams and A is area of the watershed


Drainage texture (Dt)

T = Dd 9 Fs


Lemniscate Ratio (K)

k = L2/4A


Form factor (Rf)

Ff = A/Lb2


Circularity ratio (Rc)

Rc = 4pA/P2


Elongation ratio (Re)

Re = 2H(A/p)/Lb, where A is area of the watershed, p is 3.14 and Lb is basin length


Relief aspects

Basin relief (R)

R = H − h, where H is maximum elevation and h is Minimum elevation within the basin


Relief ratio (Rr)

Rr = R/Lb


Ruggedness number (Rn)

Rn = R 9 Dd


Dissection index (Dis)

Dis = R/Ra, where R = Relative relief and Ra is absolute relief


Drainage intensity (Di)

Di = Fs/Dd