Return on investment

Payback period

Capital turnover

Financing methods

Inventory turnover

Profit rate

n-financial indexes

Customer satisfaction

Technical superiority target formation

1) Customer relationship evaluation value for strategic results;

2) The strategic results to customers effects;

3) The degree of satisfaction of customer expectations;

4) Customer loyalty;

5) Lost customer return rate.

1) Technology leadership degree;

2) Architecture consistency;

3) The adoption of new technology achievements;

4) The technology can be solid;

5) The technical maturity and reliability;

6) A number of patents and property rights.

Strategic goals advantage

Risk avoidance capability

1) Fitness of strategic objectives and business development;

2) The degree of strategic objectives can be broken down;

3) The image of the product enhanced;

4) The degree of corporate reputation enhanced;

5) The competitiveness of the enterprise market enhanced.

1) Identification of risk factors complete degree;

2) A reasonable degree of risk to the organization;

3) Timeliness and effectiveness of risk measures;

4) The risk of handling scientific;

5) The accuracy of risk prediction.

Organizational growth

Social reputation

1) Professional training capability;

2) Employee satisfaction;

3) Enhance organizational project management maturity;

4) The members of the organization to enhance collaboration capabilities earnings;

5) Integration and sharing of resources to bring;

6) The optimization of the management process.

1) The degree of organization of social responsibility;

2) The organization of social appeal;

3) Good public relations degree;

4) QOS reputation;

5) The social image recognition;

6) The preference of product for the customer.