Complaint source

Complaint content


Health care factors

Salary and welfare

Hearing employees complain about poor pay, one employee said that his employer usually pays far less than his peers, lacks other benefits and deducts wages for various reasons.

The work

On Saturday evening, I went to a buffet with my friends. I heard a waiter chatting with his colleagues. They said that they were tired and stressed every day.

Work overtime

I heard the staff said that the task is heavy every month, there are only a few days off, and I don’t want to work overtime if I don’t work overtime. I don’t know where to go.


When I heard employees complain that the company’s system is unreasonable and squeezed employees, as long as one day of sick leave is given, there is no work-study award. Even if there is a doctor’s sick leave paper, it is necessary to deduct full attendance.


When I tried the clothes in the fitting room, I heard two salespersons complaining about their supervisors giving them too much performance pressure and expressing dissatisfaction.

Motivating factors


I heard employees complain that they work the same every day and feel bored.

Company’s activities

I heard that the employees complained that they could travel abroad. Later, the company felt too much trouble and expensive, so they changed places.