Limitations confronted with business ethics training

1) Limited view regarding spirituality and management Professionals usually practices the mechanism of “insulation”, keeping spirituality and management in two separate compartments, thus making it hard to implement.

2) The media create the erosion of true traditional values through the transnational culture.

3) It is a time taking and costly process for business to shift from market economies to the process of humanization.

4) The growing rate of inflation and recession at times forces people to adopt unethical practices for earning their living.

5) At times, it is also criticized on the ground of being vague and a form of delusion, which denies reality.

6) The criticism also extends to the practice of using authority and power by management and leaders to impose spiritual and religious beliefs on employees.

7) Lastly, it can also be used as a form of control through which management can manipulate their employees.