1) brightly/highly/richly etc coloured;

2) having a colour other than black or white;

3) a very offensive word used to describe sb. who is a member of a race of people with dark or black skin.

4) to describe sb. whose parents or grandparents were not of the same race as each other.

1) having bright colours or a lot of different colours;

2) interesting, exciting, and full of variety;

3) colourful language, speech etc uses a lot of swearing.

1) having no colour;

2) if your face, hair, eye, skin, or lips are colorless, they are very pale, usually because you are ill or frightened;

3) not interesting or exciting.


1) having a colour or colours, especially as opposed to being black, white, or neutral;

a) imbued with an emotive or exaggerated quality;

2) wholly or partly of non-white descent;

3) used as an ethnic label for people of mixed ethnic origin, including Khoian, African, Malay, Chinese, and white.

1) having much or varied colour; bright;

2) full of interest; lively and exciting;

2.1) involving variously disreputable activities;

2.2 (of language) vulgar or rude

1) (especially of a gas or liquid) without colour;

a) dull or pale in hue;

2) lacking distinctive character or interest; dull.


1) red, green, orange etc instead of black and white or transparent;

2) coloured hair has been treated with a chemical to make it a different colour;

3) sb. who is coloured is a black person. Older white people sometimes use this word thinking it is polite, but black people consider it offensive.

1) sth. that is colourful has bright colours or a lot of different colours;

2) interesting, exciting, and sometimes funny;

3) involving exciting, but slightly shocking or illegal activities;

4) colourful language is rude or uses offensive words.

1) sth. that is colourless has no colour;

2) not interesting, exciting, or original;


1) yŏu-sè-jīn-shŭ (non-ferrous metals) a general name for metals except black metals like iron, manganese, and chromium;

2) yŏu-sè-rén-zhŏng (有色人种colored people) non-white people;

3) yŏu-sè-yăn-jìng (有色眼镜colored eyeglasses) bias or prejudice which prevent right opinion

1) variegated color;

2) colored silk , color festoons especially for festivals;

3) applauses and a shout of praise;

4) variety; the interesting or brilliant part;

5) lottery prize; winnings;

6) special effects in Chinese theater or magic;

7) blood from a wound

8) a family name

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