Legitimization Actors variable

Interview Grid

Analysis Grid

- Framework for action

- Position

- Reputation

- Power point

- Level of territorial action

- Type of leadership

- Foundations of action

- Institutions functions and/or organizations

- Public authority, contractors, experts, etc.

- Legal empowerment, projects, partnerships (public/private)

- Political, economic, scientific, etc.

- City level, peri-urban, urban, informal neighborhood

- Legal-rational, associative, economic

- Legality of the action, legal and social sources

Networking variable

Interview grid

Analysis grid

- Spatial marking

- Expertise required

- Space control instrument

- Territorial planning, socio-technical spatial occupation

- Social, technical, scientific, entrepreneurial, public, etc.

- Law, regulation and partnership contract, etc.

Waste valorization variable

Interview grid

Analysis grid

- Waste management

- Recycling system approaches