Para-Athletes are cool.

Para-Athletes are tough under pressure.

Para-Athletes can concentrate well.

Para-Athletes are hard workers.

I respect Para-Athletes.

Para-Athletes are attractive.

Para-Athletes feel depressed.

Para-Athletes impress people.

Para-Athletes encourage people.

Para-Athletes often get injured.

There are Para-Athletes I have cheered for.

Para-Athletes are talented.

Para-Athletes are fit.

Para-Athletes have a large influence.

I have seen Para-Sports or Para-Athletes on TV, in newspapers, and so on.

Para-Athletes have a lot of training.

Para-Athletes have high skill.

Para-Athletes are trying hard.

Para-Athletes have overcome various difficulties.

Para-Athletes have overcome physical handicaps.

Para-Athletes have motivation for self-development.

I have favorite Para-Athletes or those I want to cheer for.

I am interested in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.