(a) FGD Moderation

(b) Depth Interview Schedule

1. What is there in you that drives/motivates you to go for entrepreneurship?

2. What all personal weaknesses/limitations you think you should try to overcome for its success?

3. What all external factors you think you should consider? Does your family background influence your decision?

4. What kind of venture you are into/planning to start, and why so? How do you assess opportunity?

5. Comment on the overall climate in India towards entrepreneurship culture. What is still missing?

6. Which kinds of venture seem more profitable in India these days?

7. Does an entrepreneur have to be socially/environmentally concerned?

8. How long have you been continuing your current venture, if any? What challenges do you face?

9. When are you planning to start your venture? Are you not looking for campus placement?

1. What basically drives you or motivates you for being an entrepreneur?

2. Anything that stops you from going closer to your dream of being an entrepreneur?

3. How can you overcome your personal limitations to be a successful entrepreneur?

4. Does your family background influence your decision of becoming an entrepreneur or you had this vision of being an entrepreneur in your mind from the starting or they play a role in this journey?

5. What kind of venture are you planning to start? Any specific reason why you want to go with this venture?

6. How do you assess the opportunity at present in India?

7. What would you follow, profitability or your passion in terms of entrepreneurship?

8. Do you think an entrepreneur should be socially or environmentally responsible?

9. Will campus placement be your immediate goal or directly being an entrepreneur?