Buying counterfeit products demonstrates that I am a wise shopper

Buy CF wise

Counterfeit products are just as good as designer products

Easy afford

I would buy counterfeit products even if I could easily afford to buy non-counterfeit products

As good as design

I like counterfeit goods because they look more like original products


I buy counterfeit products because the prices of designer products are unfair and overpriced

Designer rover priced

Counterfeit products do not hurt the companies that

manufacture the original product


Business ethics and social responsibility are not very important to the survival of a business enterprise

Ethic for survival


Being ethically and socially responsible is the most important thing a firm can do

Ethical social firm

The overall effectiveness of a business can be determined to a great extent by the degree to which it is ethically and socially responsible

Effective trughethic

The most important concern for a firm is making a profit, even if it means bending or breaking the rules

Breaking rule

Good ethics is often good business

Ethic is business


People who sell counterfeit products are committing a crime

Sell CF is crime

Social responsibility is equal to profitability

Social equal profit

People who buy counterfeit products are committing a crime

Buy CF is crime

People who manufacture counterfeit products are committing a crime

Manufac CF is crime


I will not say anything when the waitress miscalculates the bill in my favour

Waitress m is


I will return damaged merchandise when the damage is your own fault

Return damage own fault

I would return an item after finding out that the same item is now on sale



I will not give misleading price information to my friend for an un-priced item

Mislead price

I will not Change price-tags on merchandise in a retail store


Push effect

I never purposefully buy counterfeit products but shopkeeper gives me

Shop keeper give

I buy counterfeit products without realizing that I am buying a fake products

Widout realizing

Refuting harm

Counterfeit products do not hurt our country’s economy

Hurt economy

If survival of a business enterprise is at stake, then employees must forget about ethics and social responsibility

Forget ethics