All unit processes involving an activated sludge process will have the same removal rate.


The treatment options set to 0% removal rate were: Bar Screen, Grit Chamber, Coarse Screen, Fine Screen, Actiflo, Enhanced Biological Phosphorous Removal (EBPR), P-Precipitation and Soil Aquifer Treatment.


If no information is found for a unit processes regarding an ECs removal the removal rate will automatically be placed at 0%.


If a value for a removal rate is found for anaerobic conditions then all other treatment processes with anaerobic conditions will pose similar removal rates.


The overall removal rate for stabilization ponds will be split equally between the different pond stages, due to a lack of information regarding the removal rate of each individual pond process


Regarding Caffeine, all disinfection treatment options will have similar removal rates unless stated otherwise in the literature.


If information is only found regarding the EC removal rate of one certain type of pond (i.e. algal ponds), then the same removal rate will be assumed for all different pond types.


When only one overall value is given for more than one treatment options, such as a complete treatment train, this percentage will be split between the processes included in the treatment train.


Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine Gas will have the same removal rates (%) unless otherwise specified in the literature.