Node Coverage (NC)

Test set T Satisfies node coverage on graph G if and only if for every syntactically reachable node n in N, there is some path p in path (T) such that p visits n. Test Requirement (TR) contains each node in G

Test Requirements (TR):

Describe properties of test paths

Edge Coverage (EC)

TR contains each reachable path of length up to 1, inclusive, in G

Test Criterion

Edge Pair Coverage (EPC)

TR contains each reachable path of length up to 2, inclusive, in G

The rules that define test requirements

Complete Path Coverage (CPC)

TR contains all paths in G


Specific Path Coverage (SPC)

TR contains a set of S of test paths, where S is supplied as a parameter

Given a set TR of test requirements for a criterion C, a set tests T satisfies C on graph if and only if for every test requirement in TRN there is a test path in path (T) that meets the test requirement TR

Prime Path Coverage (CPC)

Simple Path: A path from node ni to nj is simple if no node appears more than once, except possibly the first and last nodes are the same.

Prime Path: A simple path that does not appear as a proper sub path of any other simple path.

TR contains each prime path in G

Test Criterion