Elementary Indicator Specification

Interpreted Attribute name: Activities Description Availability

Indicator name: Performance of Activities Description Availability (P_ADA). Author: Fernanda Papa. Version: 0.1

Elementary Model:

Elementary Model specification:


Decision Criteria:

f0 £ P_ADA < 50: ˜ “Unsatisfactory level” means that change actions must be taken with high priority.

50 £ P_ADA < 75: ˜ “Marginal level” means that improvement actions should be taken.

75 £ P_ADA £ 100: ˜ “Satisfactory level” means a satisfactory quality of the property analyzed.

Scale: Numerical Scale Type name: Absolute. Value Type: Real Representation: Continuous

Unit: Name: Percentage. Description: Value that represents a ratio of a whole. Acronym: %