Evaluation data




…It has all the things you want to play here and it will plan the theme (a1) according to the festival (a1).

a1: Holiday theme

A1 (a1, a2, a14, a26): Festival

A1: Activities related to festivals

For example, we now have the theme of Halloween (a2) in October. Usually, there will also be Magic Festival, Water-splashing Festival (a1), etc. Anyway, each theme has its own characteristics. The tickets are expensive (a3), which cost RMB 170, but there is a discount for students with student cards. It is recommended to visit other places. If you have a special ticket or choose to go in the evening, it will be much cheaper.

a2: Halloween

a3: Tickets

A2 (a3, a5): Price

A2: Various costs of destination

If you take the subway, you can get off at the windows of the world, and you can also take a bus to get there (a4). When you go there, you can bring your own water in, because the water inside is very expensive (a5), you can also bring food. You have to remember to do the sun protection, because it is very dry, and you should be careful of sunstroke (a6)

a4: Easy to reach

a5: Dining

a6: Sunstroke

A3 (a4, a11): Traffic

A3: Accessibility and convenience of scenic spots

.…Happy Valley is a good choice for adventurous (a7) people.

a7: Spirit of adventure

A4 (a7, a9, a10, a24): Experience

A4: Tourist experience

…You have to queue up for any project (a8), and you may have to wait 1 hour for hot items such as roller coaster.

a8: Line up

…It’s very exciting (a9)! It is a good place to get cool and relieve pressure (a10). The traffic is very convenient, and it also has its own parking lot (a11).

a9: Stimulation

a10: Pressure release

a11: Convenient parking

…This is a wonderful memory of childhood. When I was young, I went there two times, so I was very impressed. When I grow up, I want to go there again. (a12).

a12: Childhood memories

A5 (a12, a13): Memory

A5: The content of memory produced after play

…I remembered that I went on a graduation trip together with a group of friends. When I was a kid, I stayed outside for the first time. That’s the best memory. (a13). Jumping machines and haunted houses (a14) are wonderful.

a13: Past experience

a14: Haunted House

…Compared with the old amusement theme park (a15), mobile games are the best in Guangdong.

…is the first batch of 5A level tourist attractions in the country (a16).

a15: Old brand

a16: 5AScenic spot

A6 (a15, a16): Popularity…

A6: The reputation of the destination itself