Q1 Enterprise scale

A less than 50 employees

B 50 - 100 employees

C 100 - 500employees

D more than 500 employees

Q2 Does your company have demand for foreign language professional?

A Yes

B No

Q3 Are there foreign language professional in your company?

A Yes

B No

Q4 Which foreign language does your company need?

A English

B Japanese

C French

D Spanish

E other 10.5%

Q5 What is the demand for foreign language professionals?

A Make strategies and promote implementation

B Staff management

C Daily business operation

Q6 What kind of knowledge does your company focus on?

A Foreign language knowledge

B Computer skills

C Management skills

D Scientific knowledge

E Educational and psychological knowledge

F Legal knowledge

Q7 What kind of ability does your company focus on?

A Cooperative ability

B Executive ability

C Creative ability

D Independent thinking ability

E Study ability

Q8 Which of the comprehensive ability does your company focus on?

A Ideological and moral quality

B Professional dedication spirit

C Market awareness

D Working experience

E Personal cultivation

Q9 What are the requirements for academic degree in your company?

A Junior college degree

B Bachelor’s degree

C master’s degree

D Doctorate

Q10 Is your company willing to provide internship opportunities for foreign language majors?

A Yes

B No

Q11 Is your company willing to cooperate with foreign language departments?

A Yes

B No

Q12 What suggestions can you offer?