Stage I

.The tumor is completely resected via wedge resection or lobectomy.

.The tumor has PFH results.

.The AFP level is within reference range within 4 weeks of surgery.

Stage II


.The tumor is completely resected.

.The tumor has histologic results other than PFH (UH).


.The tumor is completely resected.

.AFP findings are negative at time of diagnosis (no marker to follow).


.The tumor is completely resected with microscopic residual disease is present.

.The AFP level is elevated 4 weeks after resection.

Stage III

Any of the following;

.The tumor is initially unresectable but is confined to one lobe of liver.

.Gross residual disease is present after surgery.

.Tumor ruptures or spills preoperatively or intra operatively.

.Regional lymph nodes are involved.

Stage IV

.Distant bone or lung metastasis is present.