IX-Secondary Prevention

1. Do you know that there are secondary prevention measures?

a. Yes b. No

If yes, which ones?

2. Do you know about precancerous lesions?

a. Yes b. No

If yes, what are the precancerous lesions that may turn into skin cancers, according to you

3. The early detection and treatment of precancerous lesions enable avoid that these lesions turn into cancers.

a. True b. False

4. Did you have precancerous lesions before?

a. Yes b. No

If yes, since when?…week(s)…month(s)…year(s)

If yes, were you treated?

a. Yes b. No

If yes, Where were you treated?

a. In a CHU

b. In a CHR

c. In a CMA

d. In a CSPS

If yes, by whom?

a. A dermatologist

b. A medical oncologist

c. A general physician

d. A nurse

e. Others

The treatment of this lesion was:

a. Medical

b. Surgical

c. Others

What is the evolution after treatment?

a. Good (Complete disappearance of the lesion)

b. Fairly good (Partial disappearance of the lesion)

c. Bad (Persistence of the lesion)