VII- Screening Practices

1. Have you ever undergone screening for skin cancer?

a. Yes b. No

If yes, at what age were you screened for the first time?

If YES, at what frequency do you undergo screening?

a. Regularly/according to the advice of health workers

b. Non-regular screening

c. Once during the diagnosis

d. On the occasion of a consultation for something else

If yes, where did you undergo it?

a. In a dermatology unit

b. In an oncology unit

c. In a CSPS

e. In a CMA

2. What rhythm do you consider for a good screening?

a. Every 3 months

b. Every 6 months

c. Once per year for all life

d. Three or four times/year

3. What motivated you to come to hospital?

a. Referral by a health professional

b. Undesirable symptom

c. The advice of a friend or kin

d. Routine check-up

e. Traditional practitioners

f. Others

4. If NO, what prevents you from coming for screening?

a. The screening centre is far

b. Financial problems

c. I was not sick/I did not have symptoms

d. I did not know screening was existing

e. I did not know where to go for screening

f. The fear to discover that one is sick

g. I did not feel concerned

2. If you could do something to motivate other albinos to go for screening, what would you do?

a. Advise for the practice of a regular screening

b. The awareness-raising of the others through associations

c. Speak of the benefits of screening (more chance to recover if there is early detection; and less devastating treatment)

d. Others