Genes [4]



Propagation—Capacity for traits to spread.

Ideas are recorded, given as suggestions, marketed as rhetoric, etc.

Tagging/tracking cookies records users’ visits to a site. Another example is cataloging information that will be seen and shared.

Fecundity—Information is successfully stored as DNA.

Ideas are accepted regardless of inquiry. Also, we aren’t wired to remember things accurately.

AI is currently not self-regulated, which is a current question in research. Nanotechnology is one advance in storage of information.

Mutations are copied when DNA is copied.

Even when there is an error in the framework of thinking or behavior or ritual, the brain can still function.

If a code has an error, the algorithm is broken.

Biological, self.

We have healthy and unhealthy ideas about ourselves, filtered via cognitive tools such as creativity and imagination which are memetic.

Digital selves allow us to alter what others see and manifest what we wish others could see, giving a new kind of self-esteem.