Lists of issues considered of key relevance by both sides of the e-health market to produce and deliver social innovations

Main outcomes to use brokers in the service industry

・ A new view of doing business

・ Provide a platform that enables producers and consumers interact with each other as they identify demand driven services

・ Accessibility to equivalent services

・ Information about the type of services offered (complementary, substitutes, equivalent, belonging a base basket or considered as “luxury services” not necessary but useful to sample and register individual based information)

・ Offer multi-homing alternatives through the presence of several providers and suppliers (multi-homing) that offer comparable services and that have similar degrees of acceptance among the consumers.

・ An open market that allows actors to compete and collaborate with each other

・ Rules for the supply of services and entry to market

・ Signal relevant market activity that made the both sides valuable to join up the platform

・ Interoperable structures that reduce transaction costs

・ Structures that allow to use consumers’ embedded knowledge

・ Provide access to an infrastructure that the consumers cannot access in single markets (one producer, one consumer)

・ Alternative innovative business, payment and reimbursement models

・ Knowledge to create new services that bring added value

・ Use innovative business and payment models

・ Knowledge about the needs and the kind of services that match inter- and intra organizational demands

・ Shared accesses to individual data for personalization of services

・ Organizational demands and eventual legal differences between different kinds of organizations

・ Apply principles, policies, and use networks that encourage consumers to use and trust the broker