Domestic base interest rate

Domestic inflation

Bond specific characteristics

Time to maturity of a bond, measured in years

Issuer specific characteristics

EBITDA―earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization

Total equity―firm’s total assets minus its total liabilities

Ratio of net income to total assets

Ratio of total liabilities to total assets

Volatility 360 day―annualized standard deviation of the relative price change for the 360 most recent trading days

Return on capital―measures the return that an investment generates for capital contributors, in percentage

Price to book ratio―ratio of the stock price to the book value per share

Tangible assets―total assets minus intangible assets

Dividend Health Score―proxy for credit rating of the company, calculated based on company’s fundamentals and ratings by rating agencies

Total Assets―total of all short and long-term assets as reported on the Balance Sheet.

Total liabilities―sum of all current and noncurrent liabilities