Therapist’s opinions

On points for improvement

Items included in the program

(There is no particular problem with program items.)

Simple exercises to replace

lymphatic drainage

As “Radio-Taisou Exercise” is a whole-body exercise, and I feel it is good not only for lymphedema but also for maintenance and improvement of health.

I advise people who do yoga, etc., to keep on doing it, but it is difficult for people lacking fitness habits, especially elderly persons, to change habits. “Radio-Taisou Exercise” is well-known amongst everyone, so it is easy to recommend it.

I recommend “Radio-Taisou Exercise,” saying, “Please watch a TV or a video distribution service, listen to their advice carefully, and do it according to their instructions.” I thought it is really good to do it together while showing them points to remember.

Even if people are given an explanation with a pamphlet, etc., it is hard for them to visualize. Doing it together or by uploading a video on streaming site, makes them understand it more easily.

Because it is supposed to be uploaded on a video streaming site, they can do it whenever they want.

Many people feel overloaded when they do “Radio-Taisou Exercise” carefully and completely. If it is too burdensome, it becomes difficult to continue. So, it is interesting to present the minimum necessary motions from the perspective of the flow of lymph.

As Upper-limbs exercises are included, I think it can be used for patients with breast cancer.

Because it is possible to explain it to family members too, I guess they too can participate.

Because there are elderly persons, people with underlying diseases, or people in bad shape, it is necessary to be careful about safety.

I advise people who have difficulty continuing it to “Please do it as if it were a medicine after meals.” It is also necessary to give them instructions about when it should be done in accordance with a person’s lifestyle.


The leaflet has an appropriate volume and is easy-to-read.

As there is both a leaflet and a video, it is possible care for outpatients using them together.

People with lower extremity lymphedema tend to think that they must not exercise. I think they may feel safe because there is a guide (standard) on how much exercise can be allowed.

I think it may be difficult to visualize skin color changes, and so on, only through words.

If photos are included, it will be better, and may become easier to visualize.

Self-care notebook

When patients are explained/keeping a record, they lose interest in it.

Patients interested in keeping a record are in early stage and can continue self-care easily.

Because the entry columns are too small, people may have difficulty filling them out.

As many patients have smartphones, it is better to make use of them.