1. Role

・ Providing care as the primary caregiver of the child with SMID

・ Coordinating the home care environment

・ Collecting information regarding the opportunities for child’s consultations, nursing, rehabilitation and education

・ Understanding and coordinating the state of the whole family

・ Making arrangements to reduce limits on siblings in their daily lives and future path (ensuring some time to refresh and spending time alone with the siblings)

・ Sharing the role of mother in care and household duties

・ Coordination between family task and job

・ Being a mentor for mother

・ Coordinating family leisure, such as a trip

・ Involving himself with service representatives

・ Negotiating with administrative bodies

・ Negotiating at the court

・ Helping with looking after the child with SMID

・ Trying to be an ordinary sibling

・ Trying not to cause the parents trouble

・ Supporting mother

・ Taking responsibility for future care of the child with SMID

2. Expectations of other family members

・ Wanting father to take charge of the child’s care as much as possible

・ Appreciating sibling(s) if they help care and household duties without much burden (Not wanting to limit future options of the sibling(s) or place a care burden on them)

・ Wanting sibling(s) to adequately participate in school or enrichment lessons, and hoping to their fulfilling daily lives

・ Wanting mother to work with when providing care for the child

・ Wanting sibling(s) to become partners working with when providing care for the child

・ Wanting sibling(s) to have their own lives

・ Wanting mother to have some time for rest

・ Wanting father to support the whole family

・ Wanting father to arrange the traffic line of daily life in the house (required for caring for the child with SMID)

・ Wanting grandparents to be nearby

・ Wanting grandparents to communicate with the child with SMID (touching or talking)

・ Wanting grandmother to do household duties (to reduce mother’s duties)

・ Wanting other sibling(s) to look after the child with SMID